Monday, April 24, 2017

4 Mistakes I've Made On My Loc Journey

1. Didn't get a consultation with my loctician before I scheduled my appointment. So any questions, comments, or concerns I had before she styled my hair were left unanswered. 

2. I continued to condition my hair. I conditioned it the wash before I started my locs. The more conditioned you hair is the softer it will be. Soft hair = harder/longer to loc :(

3. I didn't research the best method of starting locs before I went to my appointment. I have traditional locs started by the comb coil method There are many different ways to start locs and if I would have researched more I could have found a way that worked better for my hair type. 

4. I envied other peoples locs. Constantly comparing my progress to theirs, instead of focusing on me and mine. 

This loc journey started on January 11th, 2017 and everyday I am learning/witnessing changes in my hair and life. The best decision I've made thus far. 


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