Saturday, May 20, 2017

Life After Graduation PT.1

Hey guys. Long time no text. I know :( Please forgive me. After graduation I took a two week staycation that involved an infinite amount of pizza, gummy worms and Netflix. I watched shows like 'Dear White People', 'House of Cards', & 'Greenleaf'... I throughly enjoyed all the shows and I am impatiently waiting to view new episodes.

While on my staycation I attended a concert at the BOK Center in Tulsa Oklahoma. Chance the Rapper graced the great state of Oklahoma with his presence on May 9, 2017 and it was one of the best performances I have ever witnessed. He's energetic, in tune with the crowd, and he mentions Jesus and heaven while performing. He is the perfect guy to love and support and I am so glad my good friends decided to take me as a graduation gift.

For inquiring minds, no I haven't started working my big girl job yet. To be honest, I haven't even started looking... I am finally going to enjoy the beauty of being young and carefree. Even if it is only for 12 weeks, or however many weeks summer is. I will be traveling to new states. Going to concerts and festivals. And doing all the things I've always wanted to do but didn't have the courage to do. I am a 22 years old and I think it's time to live a little before it's too late.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The Fate of Loc'd&Living

Was Loc'd&Living only for class? If so, will there be anymore post in the following months? 

As many of my readers may know, this blog was a semester long assignment in my Blogging for Journalist class. I struggle in just about all areas of my writing, so I purposely took this class in hopes of somehow getting better. 

Did I get better? I don't know... But I do know I am more confident in my writing abilities. I think I can credit that to finding 'my voice'. My writing isn't going to be like others, and I am finally ok with that.

In the 1st few months of Loc'd&Living I struggled trying to create the tone of my blog. Yes, this is a blog about my loc journey, but I wanted it to be so much more than that. I am a complex individual and I wanted to document all of that on my blog, hence the word living.

So, it's the end of the semester and I no longer have to blog for a grade... Will I continue?

Yes, I will continue blogging on Loc'd&Living because I enjoy it. I enjoy the creative freedom. I enjoy exploring new and exciting ideas. I enjoy the platform. I enjoy the community of readers I now have the opportunity to connect with. The thing I enjoy the most is inspiring other individuals by my words.

In the coming months Loc'd&Living will undergo a very much needed facelift and from there we will keep on trucking.

Thanks to all the readers that are here for the ride, buckle up though, because we are just getting started! ;)


Operation Graduation PT.3

Graduation is in less than 2 weeks and I cant adequately put into words how I feel. Of course I am overjoyed to be finishing up, but so many other emotions accompany my joy.

I think the first emotion that comes to mind after joy is fear. It's weird though because I am not a very fearful person. Yet, that's one of the most prominent emotions.

Second is anxious. But of course that is to be expected if I am joyful yet fearful. I don't think it's the actually ceremony that is causing these emotions, but the major transition that is on the horizon.

What's Next?

I probably get asked this question 3 times a day. Not only am I tired of answering it, I don't have an answer to give.


One thing I know is I am in search of happiness. 

My 5 Go-To Loc Styles

I don't always style my locs, but when I do, I have 5 go-to styles 

Half up, half down 
Middle up, everything else down 
Two top knots, the back down 
Low ponytail to the back
My handy dandy hat :)

85% of the time my hair is down like it was in the beginning of the video, but on those days rare days that I want a style those are my top picks. 

Monday, April 24, 2017

Raquelle Naomi Gail

Circa April 2017

I am aunt (again)! My oldest sister gave birth to my first niece on March 25th 2017. One of the best days of my life.

The biggest downfall is they are literally 1,000 miles away from me :(

Thank God for technology. I really enjoy our daily Facetime conversations.

I can't wait to see you and kiss those cheeks.

I really wish I wasn't currently in the most important semester of college.

I love you, and I can't wait to officially meet you Lil Gail

-Love Aunt P

4 Mistakes I've Made On My Loc Journey

1. Didn't get a consultation with my loctician before I scheduled my appointment. So any questions, comments, or concerns I had before she styled my hair were left unanswered. 

2. I continued to condition my hair. I conditioned it the wash before I started my locs. The more conditioned you hair is the softer it will be. Soft hair = harder/longer to loc :(

3. I didn't research the best method of starting locs before I went to my appointment. I have traditional locs started by the comb coil method There are many different ways to start locs and if I would have researched more I could have found a way that worked better for my hair type. 

4. I envied other peoples locs. Constantly comparing my progress to theirs, instead of focusing on me and mine. 

This loc journey started on January 11th, 2017 and everyday I am learning/witnessing changes in my hair and life. The best decision I've made thus far. 


2013 vs 2017

-18 years old 
-Bright eyed and bushy tailed
-Know it all 
-Super skinty eyebrows
-Weave, hair extensions
-No make-up 
-No direction 
-Enrolled in 12 hours :(
-Major: Undeclared 

-22 years old
-Thicker eyebrows :)
-Locs, natural hair
-No make-up
-Directions, no destination
-Enrolled in 17 hours
-Major: Strategic Communications