Monday, March 27, 2017

Loc'd AND Living

So my blog is titled Loc'd&Living, yet I don't have a single post about me living...
Well here's whats happening in my life as of March 2017 

                                          I picked up my cap & gown 
                                          I got a free stole, so I saved 25 bucks
                                          I got my hair retwisted after 6 loooooooooooong weeks 
                                          Found out UCO has a new STEM building under construction 
                                          I only found out because I was still trying to park in that lot 
                                          I have less than 12 more times to come to UCO for class 

My plan is to incorporate more living post into the blog... I'm thinking at least once a week...?

Month 2 Starter Loc Update + Managing Heat Damage

10 week in the books!
I have been locd for 10 weeks and I am finally noticing some changes. 
This time around I waited 6 weeks for my retwist instead of 4 like the 1st time. 
                                            5 Things That Changed This Month
  1. I was finally able to wash my hair. 
  2. None of my locs came down during the washing process.
  3. Some of my heat damage is frizzing up. 
  4. I'm maintaining some of my length, but i am expecting some shrinkage soon. 
  5. I have a few in the back and in the middle that I think are starting to bud.

Thursday, March 9, 2017

Did a Blogger Influence That Purchase? cont.

Before ‘locing my hair I was natural for 3 and a half years. I came to college in August 2013 and decided I no longer wanted to put a relaxer on my hair. From August 2013 – January 2017 I typically wore my hair in protective styles, keeping my ends tucked away. If I ever were in a rut looking for a new style I would get on the web and search for new styles. Or if I was in market for a new product I could count on the bloggers I followed in the natural hair community to give an honest review over a product and I would try it. I followed beauty blogger MahoganyCurls for many years and appreciated her product reviews. I can honestly say bloggers have influenced many of my purchasing decisions, consciously and subconsciously. 

As time goes on I believe we are getting savvier as a culture. I’m more skeptical if I see a blogger, or social media influencer, promoting a brand/product than I was before. I try to recognize what’s going on before I am bamboozled. As Cristina mentioned in her article, consumers need to be able to discern ads, paid content, and honest reviews. I know it may not be the easiest thing to do, but I believe it is possible.

Did a Blogger Influence That Purchase?

Blogging has transformed the natural hair community. As well as, changed consumers behaviors. Bloggers have a great influence over readers. Readers take the opinions and reviews from bloggers and make purchasing decisions for themselves off of what they read.  So I ask the question, did a blogger influence that purchase?

Because of the shift in consumer behavior, I have witnessed an over use of ads, or paid promotion, from bloggers. I don’t think product reviews are as honest now as they were before money was involved. Yes, I know one raving review from a blogger can send hundreds of people to that company so bloggers deserve compensation. Yet, it’s becoming harder to decide if bloggers are expressing true satisfaction. Cristina C. mentions in an article for NaturallyCurly that, “consumers today are faced with the challenge of discerning who they can and can't trust. Does my favorite blogger genuinely like that product, or have they been paid to mention it?” 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Salt Water Sparks Budding Phase

I spritzed my hair with a sea salt and warm water solution 3x over the last week and the results were amazing.

What is the purpose of the solution?

-to dry the hair - to increase friction and help knotting - and to spread the the surface of the hair cuticle to further speed the locking process. 

According to DreadHeadHQ  users should spray the solution on clean locs. Spray them down evenly and let it soak in. Squeeze off the excess water and allow the locs to air dry.

I noticed results immediately after I spritzed the 1st time. My locs felt thicker. I noticed more knots on each loc. I also noticed my hair felt "rougher". My hair in the front is a completely different texture than the hair on my sides and in the back of my head. Using the solution helped my softer hair roughen up.

I meet with my loctician soon for my next retwist. I can't believe it has already been 8 weeks 😮